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PBLD Sessions

PBLD Sessions

PBLD.s with Experts

Some of our experts in paediatric anaesthesia will not be able to attend ASPA 2022 in person, however they wanted to contribute as lecturers in problem based learning discussions (PBLD.s) online. Each PBLD will be 30 min, and will be held interactively in online breakout rooms with 10 attendees at most, with experts in the field. They are designed suitable for the time slots appropriate for our experts. If the lecturer is from Asia, so they will be moderating ‘Morning PBLD.s’, whereas, if they are from far West, then, they will be moderating ‘Afternoon PBLD.s’. 

The participants are free to chose which PBLD/or PBLD.s they wanted to attend interactively. 

The participants who are registered for PBLD.s are supposed to register for ASPA 2022 Istanbul either online or in-person. 


 registration fee : 20 Usd