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SESSION 1 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 09:00 - 09:45
Chair: Masahiro Yagihara

OP-030 Anaesthetic Challenges In Robert's Syndrome Child Undergoing Palate Repair Surgeries Aanchal Bharuka
OP-117 Perioperative Blood Sugar Management İn İnfancy With İnsulinoma Arky Kurniati Alexandra
OP-054 Extreme Foreign Body Aspirations: Two Case Reports Bekir Can Derinöz
OP-018 Our Anesthesia Experience In Pediatric Patients With Chest Wall Deformities Bengi Bagdat Kurt
OP-071 A Rare Side Effect Of Lidocaine In A Pediatric Patient Bengi Bagdat Kurt
OP-033 Postoperative Diagnosed Malignant Hyperthermia: A Case Report Bengi Şafak
OP-067 Effect Of Remifentanil And Dexmedetomidine İnfusion İn Pediatric Patients’ Blood Glucose Levels Undergoing Cranioplasty Operation Bengisu Koç
OP-074 The Effect Of Premedication Preferences On Anesthetic Agent Consumption And Agitation Scores İn Pediatric Endoscopy Unit Bilge Büyükceran
OP-008 Anesthesia In Mucopolysaccharidoses Type-1 Bilge Olgun Keleş
OP-061 Anesthetic Management Of Seckel Syndrome: A Case Report Busra Nur Evliya Felek
OP-024 Perioperative Management Of Anticholinergic Effect Of Antipsycotics: A Case Report Büşra Nizam
OP-010 Clinical Analysis Of Sugammadex Use For Tracheobronchial Foreign Body Removal İn Children Meltem Kipri
SESSION 2 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 10:00-10:45
Chair: Bahanur Çekiç
OP-082 Effects Of The Sevoflurane And Magnesium On Maternal Oxidative Stress, İnflammation And Fetal Brain Histopathology Cagri Ozdemir
OP-121 A Case Of Latex Anaphylaxis İn Tethered Cord Operation Dicle Birtane
OP-101 From Headache To Medulloblastoma: A 4-Year-Old Case Who Had Excision Of Cranial Mass Dicle Birtane
OP-009 Anesthesic Management For Radical Nephrectomy İn The Pregnant Patient: Case Report Didem Özen
OP-064 Global Research And Scientific Pubmed Publications On Postoperative Pain Management İn Pediatric Anesthesia: A Bibliometic Analysis Djayanti Sari
OP-115 Outcomes Of Implantable Port In Paediatric Cancer Patients Inserted By The Anaesthesiologists Aanchal Bharuka
OP-102 Anaesthetic Management Of Difficult Airway In Paediatric Patients With Congenital Anomalies - A Case Series. Rajesh Mane
OP-006 Malignant Hyperthermia In 4 Years Old Patient With Undergone Orthopedic Surgery Rinni Sintani
OP-112 Prophylactic Anti-Mediator Therapy İs An Important Part Of Anesthesia Management İn Patients With Mastocytosis: A Case Report Ebru Küçükçotur Kokurcan
OP-044 Pneumomediastinum And Subcutaneous Emphysema After Adenoidectomy: A Case Report Ecem Aygüneş Kaya
OP-052 Intraoperative Tumor Lysis Syndrome İn A Pediatric +D76+[@[Abstract Title]] Elvin Kanat
OP-050 Cardiac Surgery , Liver Transplantation And Noncardiac Surgery For Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia : A Case Report Emel Gündüz
SESSION 3 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 11:00-11:45
Chair: Özlem Selvi Can
OP-012 Pediatric Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Cases In Dokuz Eylul University Faculty Of Medicine Hospital: A Retrospective Study Emel Ibisoglu
OP-039 Non-Operating Room Sedation During Botox Injections In Pediatric Patients With Muscle Spasticity Emel Ibisoğlu
OP-032 Anesthetic Management Of A Patient With Crisponi Syndrome: A Case Report Emre Sertaç Bingül
OP-049 Anesthetic Management Of A Pediatric Patient Which Has Apert Syndrome, Undergoing Craniocytosis Operation Engin İhsan Turan
OP-092 Scalp Block İn Pediatric Awake Craniotomy Engin İhsan Turan
OP-036 Anesthetic Approach To Vagal Nerve Stimulation İn Pediatric Patients Enver John Orhon
OP-053 Anesthesia İn 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme-A Lyase Deficiency: A Case Report Enver John Orhon
OP-072 Anesthetic Management Of Preterm Infants With Intraventricular Hemorrhage Enver John Orhon
OP-106 Anesthetic Management Of Trigonocephaly Surgery Enver John Orhon
OP-119 Anesthetic Management Of Newborns With Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene Mutation Operated For Meningomyelocele Enver John Orhon
OP-062 Retrospective Evaluation Of Cleft Lip-Palate Cases Operated At Hacettepe University Between 2019-2022 İn Terms Of Post-Operative Hypoglycemia Frequency Eser Şimşek
OP-098 Comparing The Anesthesia Management Of Cleft Patients Before And During The Covid-19 Pandemic Eser Şimşek
SESSION 4 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 12:00-12:45
Chair: Karamehmet Yıldız
OP-035 Effectiveness Of İntravenous Lidocaine Compared To Dexamethasone On Post Tonsillectomy Nausea And Vomiting Faiza Grati
OP-040 Effectiveness Of İntravenous Lidocaine Compared To Dexamethasone İn Post Tonsillectomy Analgesia Faiza Grati
OP-107 First Attempt Success Of Tracheal Intubation İn Children With Pierre Robins Sequence Using Adult Size Hyperangulated Blade Video Laryngoscope: Report Of Three Cases Fakhruddin Alfan
OP-070 How Does Circadian Rhythm Affect Postoperative Pain After Pediatric Acute Appendicit Operation? Faruk Cicekci
OP-015 Anaesthetic Management For Fronto-Orbital Advancement Procedure İn Children Undergoing Craniosynostosis Repair: A Case Series Gabriela Montolalu
OP-108 To Save Many By Sacrificing Some: Covid-19 Ethical Dilemma Gezy Giwangkancana
OP-020 Anaesthetic Management Of An Infant Underwent Hepatoblastoma Surgery Gizem Kara
OP-118 Anaesthesia And Analgesia Management In Mucopolysaccharidosis Type Vi Patient Gizem Kara
OP-004 Anesthesia Management In A Child With Fanconi-Bickel Syndrome Gülşah Orak
OP-056 Pericapsullar Nerve Group And Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block For Hip Fracture In A Pediatric Patient With Osteogenesis Imperfecta Hadi Ufuk Yörükoğlu
OP-058 The Perioperative Management Of A Patient With Lowe Syndrome For Eye Surgery: A Case Report. Halil Cebeci
OP-013 Anesthesia Management In A Baby With Cri Du Chat Syndrome Undergoing Congenital Heart Surgery Hatice Dilek Özcanoğlu
SESSION 5 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 14:00-14:45
Chair: Özlem Selvi Can
OP-019 Ketamine Alone Or Ketamine As An Adjunct To Fentanyl To İmprove Post-Adenotonsillectomy Analgesia İn Children Imen Zouche
OP-103 Anesthesia Management İn Patient With Limb Girdle Musculary Dystropy Işıl Türel
OP-038 Liver Laceration In Blunt Abdominal Trauma Treatment Jasna Bushinoska
OP-124 Anesthesia And Analgesia Management With Advanced Monitoring İn A Patient With İnsulinoma Kairatbek Miizamov
OP-122 During Magnetic Resonance Imaging İn Pediatric Patients Our Sedation/Anesthesia Experience: Retrospective Study Kairatbek Miizamov
OP-060 Go Beyond Pediatric Anesthesia: Our Heart Is The “Drugs” Karina Sonata Miguna
OP-080 Comparison Of Video Laryngoscope Intubation Using Endotracheal Tube Stylet Spiral Shape Twist Vs Endotracheal Tube Without Stylet İn Children Age 1 Month - 6 Years : A Randomized Controlled Trial Komang Ayu Ferdiana
OP-011 Erector Spinae Plane Block In A Newborn Patient Who Was Operated For Esophagus Atresis Kubra Ozturk
OP-037 Erector Spinae Plane Block And Catheterization In Three Pediatric Patients Who Underwent Thorax Surgery Kübra Öztürk
OP-047 Recurrent Anesthesia Applications In A Macrocephalic Meningomyelocele Case With Shunt Dysfunction Kübra Öztürk
OP-089 Bilateral İnfraclavicular Block For Urgent Fasiatomy Children Who Predict Difficult Airway For Serius Face Burn Kübra Öztürk
OP-123 Perioperative Complication İn Cleft Lip And Palate Surgery: A Retrospective Study Of 5020 Patients Under Smile Train Project. Meenu Chadha
SESSION 6 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 15:00-15:45
Chair: Şükran Geze Saatçi
OP-014 The Early Detection Of Perirenal Extravasation Of Irrigation Fluids Used İn Intrarenal Surgery Via Near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitorization; A Case Report Melike Demir
OP-063 The Anesthesia Management Of A Patient With Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome Meltem Kipri
OP-095 Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome And Anesthesia Management Meltem Kipri
OP-066 In Preanesthetic Evaluation, Taking Deep History May Prevent Anaphylaxis Merve Ceştepe
OP-002 Importance Of Teamwork, Colloboration And Communication For Complex Surgeries; Separation Surgery For Pygaphagus Twins Merve Şeker
OP-104 Total Airway Obstruction After Induction Of General Anesthesia İn A Pediatric Patient With Laryngeal Papillomatosis Miray Gözde Özdemir
OP-109 Prone Positioned Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Intrasurgical Medulloblastoma Tumor Removal İn Pediatric: Do We Stand A Chance? Muhammad Hanif Rahim
OP-023 Noonan Syndrome: A Case Report Of Difficult Intubation Muhammed Vakıf Nacar
OP-005 Airway Management In Oronasal Fistulae Repair By Tongue Flap - A Case Report Nindya Anggi Sinantara
OP-068 An Efficient Pain Management After Liver Resection Surgery With Medial Open Transversus Abdominal Plane Catheter Technique - A Report Of Two Paediatric Cases Nur Nabila Qaisha Aswandi
OP-016 Usg Guided Deep Cervical Block Application For A Patient To Be Performed Cervical Decompression Due To Chiari Malformation Onur Sarban
OP-116 Anesthesia For A Child With Menkes Syndrome Özcan Ölbeci
SESSION 7 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 16:00-16:45
Chair: Meltem Karadeniz
OP-028 Anesthetic Management And Passive Cooling During The Pediatric Cytoreductive Surgery And Hyperthermic İntraperitoneal Chemotherapy For Rhabdomyosarcoma Özgecan Piril Zanbak Mutlu
OP-059 Management Of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome İn Children Associated With Covid-19 Infection Undergoing Congenital Cardiac Surgery: Case Report Özlem Melike Ekşi
OP-086 Airway Management İn A Child With Cleft Lip And Palate Undergoing Congenital Cardiac Surgery: Case Report Özlem Melike Ekşi
OP-091 A Comparison Of Postoperative Pain Assessments Between Child, Parent, Nurse With Visual Analog Scale And Numeric Rating Scale Özlem Selvi Can
OP-099 Prospective Investigation Of Postoperative Problems İn Pediatric Patients Undergoing Cleft Palate And Lip Surgery; Preliminary Results Özlem Yakut Özdemir
OP-110 Video Laryngoscope Assisted Flexible Video Bronchoscopy İn A Child With Cleft Palate And Retrognathia To Facilitate Endotracheal İntubation: A Case Report Pradeep Karunagaran
OP-026 Anesthesia For Treacher Collins Syndrome : A Case Report Prakriti Pokhrel
OP-046 Penetrating İnjury To The Neck By A Metallic İron Rod- A Case Report Pranita Mandal
OP-048 A Challenge Made Easier Atypical Palate With Velopharyngeal Incompetence For Palatoplasty And Pharyngoplasty Prof Dr B Gayathri Ramanathan
OP-087 In A Tight Spot-Patient With Restricted Mouth Opening And Cleft Palate For Repair Prof Dr B Gayathri Rmanathan
OP-057 Handling Error Traps In Difficult Airway Management In Paediatric Patients With Mandible Tumour: Lessons Learned From Two Cases Raihanita Zahrah
OP-111 Characteristics And Management Of Airway Pediatric Patients With Mucopolysaccharidoses Type Ii (Hunter Syndrome), Who Underwent Surgery : Case Series Raihanita Zahrah
SESSION 8 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 17:00-17:45
Chair: Senem Polat
OP-069 Low Flow Anesthesia İn Two Pediatric Patients: Case Report Rezan Şerefoğlu
OP-073 Defying Physiology: When Blood Is Not A Choice Rori Alfath Brani Paalmas
OP-090 Investigation Of Perioperative Anaphylaxis – Can We Trust What We See? Rowena Sau Man Lee
OP-081 Ultrasound Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block As An Analgesic Technique For Tracheoesophageal Fistula Repair : A Case Report Sadichhya Shah Malla
OP-003 Anesthetic Management Of Vodi (Veno-Occlusive Disease With İmmunodeficiency) Syndrome Saliha Ildem Kaya
OP-076 Anesthetic Approach In A Patient With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Saliha Ildem Kaya Turkel
OP-043 Traumatic Kidney Injury İn Pediatric Patient, A Cause For Severe Hemorrhagic Shock. Case Report Sanja Golubic
OP-100 Flumazenil As A Reversal Drug For A Pediatric Cardiac Patient With A Rare Chromosomal Disorder Selin Sağlam
OP-042 Validation Of Turkish Version Of Pediatric Early Warning Score İn A Turkish Population - A Pilot Study Sevda Akdeniz
OP-075 Great Saphenous Vein Efficacy İn İnfants Vascular Access Sevda Akdeniz
OP-113 Anesthesia Management Of 570 Grams Premature Patient During Emergency Laparotomy-A Case Report Sevda Akdeniz
OP-041 Anesthesia Management In A Patient With Wolman Disease Sevim Cesur
SESSION 9 - 13 OCTOBER 2022 - 18:00-18:45
Chair: Özge Köner
OP-025 Delayed Extubation In Cleft Surgeries Reduces Incidence Of Post Extubation Laryngospasm And Reintubation Shrigopal Bhattad
OP-055 Prevention Of Intraoperative Hypothermia In Very Low Birth Weight Premature Neonate Undergoing Abdominal Surgery Can Reduce Hemodynamic Fluctuations And Improve Postoperative Outcome Shrigopal Bhattad
OP-031 The Effect Of Sevoflurane Inhalation Induction On Intraocular Pressure Measurement İn Children Tuba Kuvvet Yoldas
OP-022 Anesthesia Management Of Patients With Spinal Muscular Atrophy: A Case Series... Yunus Oktay Atalay
OP-077 Anesthesia Management With Single-Lung Ventilation İn A Pediatric Tracheoesophageal Fistula Surgery: A Case Report Ummahan Dalkılınç Hökenek
OP-001 Anaesthesia Management Of An Adolescent Child With Hyperlipoproteinemia Undergoing Varicocelectomy: A Case Study Ülkü Ceren Köksoy
OP-007 Anesthetic Management Of A Pediatric Patient With Laurance-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Yağmur Tuğcan
OP-034 Kartagener's Syndrome: Case Report Yasemin Akcaalan
OP-093 Chemical Burn Induced By Povidone Iodine Yasemin Akcaalan
OP-027 One Lung Ventilation (Olv) With Fogarty Catheter İn A Pediatric Case With Neuroblastoma Yunus Çelik
OP-094 Our Anesthesia Experiences İn Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery For One Year. What Did We Do? What Could We Do Better? Yunus Oktay Atalay
OP-120 Anesthesia And Rare Congenital Diseases: A Case Series Zeynep Cagiran
Chairs: Teddy Fabila, Aki Uemura
CP-002 The Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Effects of Propofol and Sevoflurane in Children With Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease Feride Karacaer
CP-003 Interest of intranasal clonidine in the prevention of perioperative anxiety in children Faiza Grati
CP-004 The Effect Of Paediatric Caudal Injection Volume On Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter And Regional Cerebral Oximetry Aybike Onur Gonen
CP-005 The Efficacy of Transversalis Fascia Plane Block in Pediatric Inguinal Hernia Repair: A Randomized Controlled Study Miraç Selcen Ozkal
CP-006 TRACHEAL TUBES, types, cuffs in pediatric anesthesia Josef Holzki
CP-007 Effect of high-flow nasal and buccal oxygenation on safe apnoea time in children with open mouth Sang-Hwan Ji
CP-008 Comparison of Ultrasound Guided Costoclavicular Lateral Versus Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Upper Extremity Surgery Emre Sertaç Bingül
CP-009 Addition of magnesium sulfate to bupivacaine improves analgesic efficacy after tonsillectomy Faiza Grati

The Retrospective Review of The Diagnostic Accuracy of Rotational Thromboelastometry in Prediction of Thrombocytopenia And Hypofibrinogenaemia During Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Paediatric Congenital Heart Patient

Candice Shiu Kwan Lau